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Range Resources


What can I shoot at the range?

A. The pistol ranges are rated up to .300 WIN MAG and the rifle range up to .50 BMG. Black powder, tracer/incendiary, armor piercing and bird shot are NOT allowed.

Do you have guns to rent?

A. You bet.  We will have a full assortment of rental guns from handguns to machine guns! Our goal is to offer a rental version of every model that is for sale in the store along with the exotics.  If you test drive a car before you buy it, why shouldn’t your personal protection get the same treatment?

Is shooting inside safe?

A. Shooting inside poses some unique challenges to make it a safe environment.  Red River Range has met and exceeded those challenges being almost safer than shooting outdoors.  Our shooting stalls are deeper than the industry standard offering more protection and privacy.  The light breeze at your back is our ventilation system moving 100% FRESH air down range taking the contaminated air away from our guests and employees resulting in NO smoke and NO gunpowder smell.  Our vigilant but unobtrusive range safety officers will keep a keen eye on everyone’s safety and are there to lend a hand when called on.

I've never shot a gun before, can I come to the range?

A. Not only can you come to the range, we encourage you to come.  There is no need to be intimidated.  Let one of our team members know you are wanting to learn and they will make sure you are taken care of. 

Will you teach classes at the range?

A. Absolutely! Red River Range will offer a complete lineup of training opportunities catering to novice thru the most experienced shooters.  There will be both shooting and non-shooting classes such as emergency preparedness and medicine, reloading and archery.

Archery? You mean I can shoot a bow at the Range?

A. Yep! Red River Range will have two outdoor archery areas to learn and practice and offer several 3D target lanes simulating various hunting conditions. 

Do I have to be a member to shoot at the range?

A. Nope, however there are benefits that come with membership such as the ability to make a lane reservation just as you would a table for dinner.  You’ll also have access to member’s only events, discounts and reduced lane fees. 

Can I upgrade my membership if I decide to add the clan?

Absolutely! Just pay the difference of the two and we’ll roll in the rest of the clan!

How many Charter memberships are there? Will the price go up once the range is open?

A. Thats a great question! There were only a limited number of Charter memberships available.  Those were lifetime memberships made available to individuals that visualized the dream early on.  The Charter memberships are sold out but there are still lifetime memberships available.  Give us a call for more info on the Lifetime memberships.

Can I gift a membership?

A. And why wouldn’t you!?

What happens if I buy a membership and Red River Range does not open for some reason?

A. In the event of a zombie apocalypse which prevents Red River Range from completing construction, we will refund your membership purchase in full.  Until the doors open, all membership dues are held separate and not used for construction.


Keep your firearms running great with the assistance of our gunsmith. Some of the services provided will be:

Safety and function checks
Ultrasonic cleanings
Aftermarket trigger and sight installs
Base, rings and scope installation
Bore sighting/sight in
AR builds
Custom work

Terms of Services


Contract Term is one full year from date of opening. A $100.00 cancellation fee will be applied for any canceled membership. All monthly fees will require automatic withdrawal and will be taken out either the 1st or 15th of every month. Having a Credit Card or Bank Card on file is required. Monthly payment option will not begin until the facility opens. Annual Memberships will be renewed at current pricing.