Our Training Classes

Our training center offers a diverse curriculum of both shooting and non-shooting classes. Our trainers bring an incredible amount of experience from their diverse backgrounds in military, law enforcement, and civilian life. Along with our regularly scheduled classes, members have the opportunity to participate in training courses offered by guest instructors from around the country. Some of the courses offered are listed below.

concealed carry


Louisiana Concealed Carry

This course of instruction will provide the necessary classroom and range requirements to submit an application for a concealed handgun permit to the Louisiana State Police.

Basic & Advanced Handgun

Get confident shooting your handgun. Begin with the basic fundamentals and progress to intermediate and advanced courses.

Basic & Advanced Carbine

Get confident shooting your Carbine.  Learn how to “run your gun” not just shoot it.

Precision Rifle

An in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of long range rifle shooting.

Defensive Shotgun

Learn the capabilities and limitations of the defensive shotgun.

Firearms Familiarization

Introduction to pistols, rifles, and shotgun to those unfamiliar with them. 

Youth Firearm Safety

Safe, responsible shooting and firearm skills for young shooters.


Hunter’s Safety

Much more than hunter safety, something for everyone interested in firearms, hunting and conservation.

Fundamentals of Reloading

Gain knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to safely reload metallic cartridges.

Emergency Preparedness & Medical

Gain an understanding of first aid, self-reliance, and preparedness. Anyone may be a first responder. We use the established Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) model.

Tactical Advanced Classes

Tactical skills development with handgun, carbine, and precision rifle for the advanced shooter presented by guest instructors from around the country.  

RRR Shooting Clubs

Steel challenge, benchrest rimfire, ladies leagues, lunch and learn and breakfast and bullets are just a few.


National Rifle Association Courses

An entire curriculum of NRA certified courses to include Basic Marksmanship, Refuse To Be A Victim and many more.